New Year’s Run

So why are you just sitting there

New year’s day and we went running. It was a cold morning here in Georgia. 31 degrees but that didn’t stop my human. It was a real nice run to get back into the game. A nice slow pace to remind the legs what they are there to do. We ran 5.5 km more or less with the first 3 k at about 7.5 min pace and the last 2 at 8.5 min. The human was huffing and puffing that last 2 k. He’s old and has been sitting around the house the last 2 months making excuses why he wasn’t taking me running. No more of that. I heard him tell the other human in the house he was running 4 days a week. She said ‘have fun’.

I know he’ll only take me out on the weekends but that’s fine. I’m so glad I get to go and I get away from my other 2 sisters for a little while. They are old and can be a little bitchy some times.

We went to the Forsyth Greenway to run this morning. It’s a real nice trail system that follows the Big Creek. That’s the name of the creek really. We went out a little over 2.5 k and then came back. I had a camera but it got buggered up a little and didn’t record the run. I think it’s fixed now so next time I can share some video of the run with everyone. That’s really why I started this blog, to show everyone what it’s like to be a runner and only 4 inches off the ground. It’s a whole different perspective I hope to be able to share with all the vertical humans.

My human reports that for his part it was a real nice run to get back in the habit. As soon as he figures out all the new tech he has we will have more detailed reports. Fun stuff like heart rate, calories burned, pace, improvement and more. Here is a link to his workout page on MapMyFitness so everyone can see where we went today. If you’re on MapMyFitness you can watch our runs on the live tracker map. Just send a friend request to get notified when we’re out on the trail.

Tired Puppy
I’m Sleepy

I mentioned the camera. I carried a Contour Roam camera that was fastened to my Hug-A-Dog Harness. It wasn’t too bad having that strapped to the harness. The beeps were a little annoying at first but they only happen when it’s turned on or off. Next week, hopefully we’ll have video of the run from my point of view down low.  Now it’s time for a nap!


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