Saturday Fowler Park Run

We had to split the run today into a ran and walk. My human was weak and his ankles gave out just about the time I was getting warmed up. We slowed down and changed to a walk. It was still good to get out. It was however very cold. The back waters and marshes along the trail were all frozen. The only water flowing was Big Creek. Hoping for warmer weather next week. Tomorrow is a day of rest for both me and the human.

On the tech side we had camera failure again so no video yet of the runs. I think the human did figure it out late today. There was a lot of screaming and yelling but he did strap the camera back on me later and I know he got 2 good videos in the back yard. Here is a link to a raw clip from one of the back yard run arounds. I heard him say the memory card they got with the camera seemed bad. He had a spare of a different brand and put it in and the camera started to work better. 


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