Tuesday Greenway Walk

Under the Bridge

Our walk started out fine, the sun was shinning and the temperature was perfect. So said the human. I tried to point out the dark ominous clouds approaching from the north-west but he would not listen. We did make it all the way out to the 5k turnaround point before the first drop hit our heads.

We made a quick dash back to the underpass at Majors Rd and hid out with a few other travelers while the rain poured from the sky. The soaking wet park ranger passed through and the rain let up enough for us to finish the 5k.

We did end up getting very wet. Daddy had to take the video camera off me and hide it from the wet. We did get some good footage though and hopefully the best of the clips will get posted here before the end of the week. Stay tuned for more updates.

Doing my thing

Don’t forget our next big walk is Saturday morning at 7:30 am leaving from the Bethelview parking lot on the Forsyth Greenway. We’ll be walking with a group training for the Atlanta 2 day Breast Cancer walk. I’ll have on my new BCA pink collar.


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