Thursday at Fowler Park

I was beat


What a beautiful evening for a walk. Managed to do 3.5 miles and just a little faster than Tuesday. I like Fowler Park, there are a lot of people and other dogs too. There was one annoying yappy chihuahua thing at the dog park. All it did was run along the fence and yap at me. I ignored it.

Still trying to get the whole video editing thing figured out. It’s time-consuming. I promise I’ll bug the human with thumbs to get it done!



Dachshunds are easy to train

In the mean time I found this really awesome Dachshund Training Poster that explains to the humans what all the common tricks look like when a Dachshund does them. Let me know if this rings true in your house!


One Comment Add yours

  1. lucyannluna says:

    Luna sits with her head on one side with you talking to me? Look or I’m not done , but yes I heard you look, then carries on doing her own thing.

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