Indoor Play Time

Yes I know, it’s not running, it’s not even walking but it is moving and having fun! We played a little run and get the toy, then I watched my human exercise, man if he out of shape. Poor guy has had a ruff 6 months. I’m doing everything I can in the way of begging to get him motivated and back out. After play time and exercise he measured my sisters for new walking harnesses from Hug-a-Dog. I have one and it’s real nice. Of course it also has the mounting gear on it for my video camera because that’s just the way I roll. :–)

New Years Day we are going for a 5k walk on the Forsyth Greenway starting at the Bethelview parking lot at 9:00am. We’ll walk down to Fowler park where my mom will pick me up. My human walking/running partner (dad) needs to punish himself more so he will be walking back to the Bethelview parking lot to make it a 10k walk.  Click the Jan 1 entry in my Run Calendar for details and a map link. Check my run calendar for times and places where you can meet up with me (I’m much cuter in person)

Is it time to run now daddy?
Is it time to run now daddy?

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