New Years Day on the Greenway

What a day. It was cold… freezing cold but we went out walking this morning. I got a purple puppy sweater on, my Hug-A-Dog Harness and of course my newly upgraded ContourROAM1+ One plus because we upgraded the firmware and made it into a almost ROAM2 which means for the video junkies out there, we got 60fps so now you can see my massive camera wobble a lot better. On a side note that also means we can get better screen grabs to post a few stills from the walks. Which is just what we did below so you can see things out on the Greenway. Maybe my daddy will get a short video edited this weekend to post. The raw footage looks real good with the camera upgraded.

The walk was great. We went all the way to Fowler Park from Bethelview in just a bit under 1 hour. It’s 3.85 miles so we were just a hair under a four mile an hour pace. Not bad for the first long walk in about 4 months. I got picked up at the park by my mommy and rode back home with her. Daddy walked back to Bethelview so he did 7.7 miles and did it in 2 hours. Pretty good for an old human.

So here is what the human sees of me when we are on the trail.
Scarlett running on New Years Day 2015

Of course what I see is totally different. You see when you’re only about 4 inches off the pavement everything is different.
What it looks like to Scarlett from her perspective.

Hopefully we can get in another walk this weekend but it’s looking like a lot of rain. We’ll see.


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