New Years Day – The Stats

I love stats. I love to track the stats. Good or bad they help to keep me motivated. As the stats improve I tend to try even harder to make them better. I compete with and against myself and my stats. To help me with that I also share my stats, again  good or bad it doesn’t matter. And believe me when I say right now they are BAD! I’ll be spending the next 3 months working harder than ever on these stats to reach my first of many new goals for this year.  I’ll post a list of goals this week in a separate post. This post is about my stats for 2015 and this is the benchmark for this year. Everything I do this year will be better then this. I’ll walk faster, further and challenge myself to harder locations, more hills, more rugged terrain and more sweat!

These stats will fade into distant memory soon as I regain my strength and stamina of just last year. Scarlett will be with me as often as possible on my journey back to health and fitness. I will compete again and I will succeed in my goals.

1-2-2015 8-17-58 AM

Stats and fitness tracking provided by MapMyFitness app for Android. I’m not paid to use this app I just like it. It does everything I need a tracking app to do. Distance, time, location, heart rate, pictures, music, coaching, nagging and annoying me if I tell it to and of course saving my stats and publishing them to facebook for all the world to see.


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