Cold Week in Georgia

What a cold week this was. Getting out to do anything was pretty much not happening. Temps dipped into single digit territory and then the winds kicked up and we actually saw 8 degrees and -4 wind chill. That’s way too cold for any outside work. As a result we got a whole week of treadmill work but it’s better than nothing and while the dogs don’t enjoy it I have to stay active. This coming week looks to be above freezing and possibly a little wet but still good enough to get out at least once if not more.

Here is what Scarlett does when it’s freezing outside.

I need a blanket please
I need a blanket please

Below are some stats for last week. Even with the bad weather and motivation issues it still looks pretty good for the first full week tracking and back at it.  Added in heart rate tracking Thursday to help keep focus. The legs are coming back quickly as the Saturday workout showed I was able to split endurance and tempo evenly across the walk/run and the legs didn’t get hurt.

This week I hope to push past 20 miles and get the time down more. Still working on a overall goals post but having a little trouble focusing and defining the goal (I think I have too many)

Calendar view of exercise
Stats for the week of Jan 5
Heart rate zone
Hear rate zone stats.

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