Sunny Sky’s Ahead

After 3 weeks of gloom it seems this coming Saturday, Feb. 7 will be a nice day. We’ll be at Fowler Park at 10:00am for a nice walk, hopefully with a crowd of co-workers from Agilysys to kick off our February Wellness Challenge. Directions are in the calendar post. Here are the details:

A walk with Agilysys co-workers as part of our February Wellness Challenge.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join.

Walk one will be from Fowler Park South on the Greenway to the McFarland parking lot and back to Fowler Park.  This is a 7.5 mile walk. Participants can turn around at any point on the walk to shorten their personal distance. This will generally be a 3.5 mph walk pace and Scarlett will be along on this walk.

Walk two will be around the Fowler Park walking track which is approximately 1.5 miles. This will be a slower pace and Scarlett’s sisters Peanut and Dixie may be along for this one. This walk will also start at 10:00. The leader of this walk has not been decided yet so step up and volunteer!

See everyone on the trail!


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