Sunday Morning Workout

My sneaky human thought he was going to go out this morning without me. I know when he’s going out to run or walk. I’m a pretty smart dachshund. He left the car door open while he was getting all his stuff and I just jumped right in and got in the passenger seat. He mumbled something about me being too smart and cute and got my harness and leash. 🙂

Lots of other dogs today. I guess Sunday is dog day on the Forsyth Greenway. I saw other dachshunds to. One was pretty big and very aloof. Wouldn’t even look at me. The other one was awesome. It was a wirehair and I wanted to go talk to him but his human was in a  hurry to sweat.

The walk/run was super good today. It’s not so hot and felt real good. There were no aches and pains either. This was my second walk this week and my humans 4th so we’re both doing pretty good.

Now for a few tech goodies from the human.

splits080215New inserts in the Brooks Ghosts and they feel great. With all the foot problems it’s often hard to find the right combination but I think I finally got it. Holding real steady on the pace at about 15 minutes a mile. I can’t really walk much faster because my legs are just to short to get a longer stride. Heart rate is also pretty stable so next week I’ll try adding in some fartlek running to get the pace up.

I haven’t posted any stats in a while so here are today’s:


Yes Mile 3 was kicked up a little with 3 segments of jog. The knee is holding up as well as the rest of the aging body.


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