2018 Save the Georgia Peaches

The journey starts on the road to the
2018 Georgia 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer

While our legs and feet are still sore and our hearts are still full the journey continues and for 2018 that means a new team name and a renewed commitment to the cause. Save the Georgia  Peaches was chosen because it means Georgia and everything collected in the Georgia 2 Day Walk stays right here in Georgia. Our efforts and all the money collected will help woman (and men) right here in our backyard.

It’s the Journey, the producers of the Georgia 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer is a home grown organization started by and managed by home town folks. Folks dedicated to making breast cancer services available to everyone.

NOTE: Scarlett, the Running Dachshund has not stopped running and walking and we will be posting more walk and run related features with Scarlett. Since Scarlett has become the official mascot of the Save the Georgia Peaches team her blog will be dual purpose and will help us promote our 2 Day Walk fundraising and awareness efforts throughout the year.

We are welcoming new team members for 2018 and if you would like to become a member of Save the Georgia Peaches, drop us a note at runningdachshund at comcast dot net.

As a team we plan on holding our own team gatherings, training walks and of course fundraisers. If you want to be part of a dynamic, energetic team focused on maximizing contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness join now. Our first official training walk will be held in March. Exact date, time and location will be announced around the end of February.

For those folks that can’t make the financial commitment to It’s The Journey right away you may still join the team as a provisional member. Provisional members will be able to participate in team training walks and fundraising events but without an official participation commitment, any money raised would be placed in the team fund until the provisional walker registers as an official 2 day walker with It’s the Journey.


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