2018.6 Just us Dogs

It was just the dogs last night. Us humans needed to go out for some much needed supplies. Here are a few pictures from last spring to remind us that we do actually live in the south and this insane cold will soon pass.    

2018 Save the Georgia Peaches

The journey starts on the road to the 2018 Georgia 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer While our legs and feet are still sore and our hearts are still full the journey continues and for 2018 that means a new team name and a renewed commitment to the cause. Save the Georgia  Peaches was chosen…

Why Do You Walk?

I walked the 30 miles, I met the amazing survivors and heard their incredible stories. I was in awe of the strength and courage these women and men have shown and continue to show.

Blown Knees Suck

It’s taken five months for the humans knee to heal. He’s made 3 trips to the greenway in 7 days and one trip to the treadmill. 4 miles each time. Looks like we’re going to be getting back into moving around a lot more. Look for new posts starting next week with your favorite running dachshund!! Scarlett! .

Cold Week in Georgia

What a cold week this was. Getting out to do anything was pretty much not happening. Temps dipped into single digit territory and then the winds kicked up and we actually saw 8 degrees and -4 wind chill. That’s way too cold for any outside work. As a result we got a whole week of…

New Years Day Video

With a little help from Adobe Premier and the magical instant movie I managed to put together a short clip of the News Years Day walk. It’s certainly not a polished professional motion picture but you’ll get the idea of what it like to be a Dachshund out running. Enjoy and let us know if…

New Years Day – The Stats

I love stats. I love to track the stats. Good or bad they help to keep me motivated. As the stats improve I tend to try even harder to make them better. I compete with and against myself and my stats. To help me with that I also share my stats, again  good or bad…