2018.6 Just us Dogs

It was just the dogs last night. Us humans needed to go out for some much needed supplies. Here are a few pictures from last spring to remind us that we do actually live in the south and this insane cold will soon pass.    

2018.5 Helping Paws

Wow what a busy night. Dad was studying a bunch and then got me to help him. We finished up a couple lines of code then he took my picture. I think I stepped on the keyboard.

2018.4 Cold Weather Action

Daddy said he wanted some action shots. This is about as much as we could give. The cold continues and we just keep snuggled in the blankets. My older sisters came out a little for a picture. I was a lot more cooperative.  Nice shot of the full moon from a night or two ago.

2018.3 Still to Cold to Play

It’s hard to get off the couch. So I’ll just stay here where it’s warm for now. Weather man says the cold is going to last all week. Weather men are usually only right half the time. I bet this time they get it right all week. Oh well. we could be in New England…

2018.2 – Cold, Real Cold

This is Georgia and this is crazy cold! I’m going to stay right here under these blankets until that temperature gets back to normal. Yes I have fur but it’s short. My sister Dixie can hang with this BS cold, she has real fur. I need blankets. I’ll go outside when my feet quit freezing….

Happy New Year 2018

2018 is a time of change for this puppy. I’m getting old and running is just not happening much any more. This year I’m focusing on reducing clutter, learning new tricks and maybe even posting here way more often. Smaller shorter little bits is the plan. Stay tuned.

Atlanta 2 Day Walk For Breast Cancer

It’s just 1 week until the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer¬†October 15-16 in downtown Atlanta. My human has been walking almost every day to get ready for it. I’ve been to every training walk this year except the very first one. My human made it to every one! Here are a few pictures…