2018.6 Just us Dogs

It was just the dogs last night. Us humans needed to go out for some much needed supplies. Here are a few pictures from last spring to remind us that we do actually live in the south and this insane cold will soon pass.    

2018.5 Helping Paws

Wow what a busy night. Dad was studying a bunch and then got me to help him. We finished up a couple lines of code then he took my picture. I think I stepped on the keyboard.

2018.2 – Cold, Real Cold

This is Georgia and this is crazy cold! I’m going to stay right here under these blankets until that temperature gets back to normal. Yes I have fur but it’s short. My sister Dixie can hang with this BS cold, she has real fur. I need blankets. I’ll go outside when my feet quit freezing….

RUNDOXY is Here!

Well he did it. He went and got those crazy plates for the car. This would make it official my human is completely and totally crazy. BUT I must say I like his style. Yes this has nothing to do with running or dachshunds for that matter but a lot of my friends wanted to…

Blown Knees Suck

It’s taken five months for the humans knee to heal. He’s made 3 trips to the greenway in 7 days and one trip to the treadmill. 4 miles each time. Looks like we’re going to be getting back into moving around a lot more. Look for new posts starting next week with your favorite running dachshund!! Scarlett! .

New Years Day on the Greenway

What a day. It was cold… freezing cold but we went out walking this morning. I got a purple puppy sweater on, my Hug-A-Dog Harness and of course my newly upgraded ContourROAM1+ One plus because we upgraded the firmware and made it into a almost ROAM2 which means for the video junkies out there, we…